Save environment save nature

Many people are going the green way with an objective in mind to save nature and save the environment. With so much pollution and environmental imbalance the present situation become threatening. When we talk about pollution caused to the nature paper and plastic are the most controversial topics. Both of them have their some benefits an bad effects causing pollution to the planet. It is very difficult to stop their usage, because lots of industries manufacture their products made from plastic and paper. People are earning their livelihood by working at these industries; total ban on their production is not possible. click here for further information.

Government has started charging for plastic bags. There are various plastic products made and sold in market. Plastic can be melted and reformed in any form. Innumerable plastic manufactures are available in the market even on internet as well. Plastic being non bio degradable product, cause huge harm to our planet, when it is thrown on ground. Additionally it cannot be recycled easily, so it is recommended not to use plastic on large amount. We can use paper as alternative to plastic. The use of paper is advantageous over the plastic bags. Plastic bags are non bio degradable and can’t be reused. Paper bags don’t cause damage to nature and are available in every size in the market: large to small ones. Companies can get their paper bags printed with their logo and name.

Save environment save nature

Paper bags can be used for shopping, packing, storing food items. Various types of paper bags are now easily available in the market. But using paper bags have some advantages, also but has some disadvantages too. The major demerit of using paper is it made from the tree bulk. Every year thousands and thousands of trees cut just to meet the requirement of the people. As we all know, cutting of tress causes great loss to nature as it deprives us from oxygen and appropriate steps would be required from our end for keeping the nature

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