Quick facts, information and grooming of French bull dogs

French bulldogs require minimal exercises and they should not weigh more than 28 pounds for making them easily portable. French bull dogs can be stubborn while on training, so be patient and consistent with them. French bulldog commonly snore and they are popular for making other odd noises. They are not good swimmers and should be taken care of when they are near to swimming pools, lakes and beaches. The French bulldog will make you laugh with their lovely gestures. These pets are charming, clever with good sense of humor. They are perfect house pets, feel comfortable in apartment. They usually don’t bark on other small dogs.

Don’t choose a breeder who does not provide health guarantee on puppies. These pups may have potential to develop genetic health problems. A reputable breeder will only guide you about health problems in the breed and the incidences which may occur in their lives.

Quick facts, information and grooming of French bull dogs

The French bulldogs have short, fine, smooth coat around their body which is easy to groom. You can brush them weekly with soft bristle brush; bathe them monthly or as and when required in order to keep their coat clean. This breed doesn’t shed much, but they lost their undercoat twice a year. Spring and fall shedding seasons for them, so use a stripping comb and groom them carefully during this season.

The other grooming needed are ear cleaning, tooth brushing, nail trimming. These dogs require care for their wrinkles and they need to be cleaned with wipes to avoid any skin issue. Dry them thoroughly after cleaning because if any moisture is left behind, chances of bacterial growth may increase. The rest is basic care deep skin folds need to be cleaned every day. They never get so long that you can hear them bang on the floor.

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