French bulldogs are best home pets

French bulldogs are an excellent choice in the category of home pets. They are intelligent, funny and adorable creatures. French bulldogs are the best for even small houses or apartments where there is not much space. Their adaptability in farm houses is also good. The thing you have to be careful about is to ensure that they should be in a well air conditioned area because they have very low heat tolerance power.

The person who does not have time for the dog should not think about bringing them home. French bulldogs are best for the people who can train them well. 10 minutes walk is enough for them. These bulldogs will let you know if you have a strange noise around the house. They get well along with the people around them. They are very lovable and affectionate. If they are ignored, they may develop unwanted and aggressive behavioral traits. They love attention from their masters and are affectionate towards children also. If kids are rough with the dogs, they may react unpredictably. Hence, you need to train them well before keeping them with kids.

French bulldogs are best home pets

These dogs do not need lot of grooming. Their short coats need brushing just once in a while. If they start shedding, they may need to be brushed more often; but it takes very less time. They spend most of the time in the house only, so they do not get much dirty. These dogs are best for indoor activities. Frenchies are intelligent and trained well for good temperament. Some behavior problems may develop in these dogs with time, but they are not tough to deal with. French bulldogs are best household pets, if paired with the appropriate owners. You can spend good time with them and give them all the love and care to make them the best pets.

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